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Advocacy Practice

The mission of The Policy Equity Group is to provide the expertise and resources to help socially-conscious individuals and organizations become more effective advocates for their own policy priorities, products, services, programs, and social interventions. We focus our advocacy practice on the four pillars of political advocacy:

1. Strategy: The success of any policy agenda rests in understanding when and how to approach policymakers. Knowing which policymakers to approach in what order, with what message, and with what “ask” greatly increases the probability of success.

2. Getting the attention of policymakers: More often than they should, great ideas fail to gain the attention of key policymakers. We help our clients employ strategies to get an issue on the radar screen of the policymakers most relevant to a particular issue.

3. Substantive expertise: Individuals and organizations interested in a specific policy area bring a wealth of expertise to the table that can help policymakers get to the right answer.

Whether it is an “inside-out” understanding of an issue, or the unique experience of being affected by legislation, these perspectives are extremely important to the policymaking process. We work to build our client’s credibility on the Hill and within the Administration, and help establish them as experts in a specific issue area.

4. A clear message: Although solving a complex problem almost always requires a complex solution, converting complexity into simple, accurate messaging is an essential part of the advocacy process. We specialize in distilling complex issues into sharp, cogent talking points, press releases, testimony, and other forms of political communication to help our clients deliver their message both clearly and convincingly.

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