The Policy Equity Group - Empowering the Socially Conscious

The Policy Equity Group empowers socially conscious organizations by providing services to make them more effective advocates for their own policy, business, and philanthropic priorities.

Clients typically request services from The Policy Equity Group for one of five purposes:

1.) Developing or supporting a policy agenda to address a legislative or regulatory concern;

2.) Aligning a policy, business-development, or philanthropic agenda with federal and state public policy initiatives;

3.) Building a body of evidence to support a policy position, or to meet the governmental definition of “evidenced-based” for a product, curriculum, or social intervention;

4.) Pursuing non-traditional business development strategies; and

5.) Outreach to specific demographic groups, particularly Latino and other minority communities.

The Policy Equity Group is organized around three practices—Advocacy, Research, and Communications. The firm has substantive expertise in a number of policy areas, including early childhood and K-12 education, immigration, child and family policy, housing, and health. The firm also works to harness the expertise of its clients in other areas to meet their organizational and societal goals.

Empowering the Socially Concious


Advocacy Practice

The mission of The Policy Equity Group is to provide the expertise and resources to help socially-conscious individuals and organizations become more effective advocates for their own policy priorities, products, services, programs, and social interventions.
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Research Practice

An essential element of any advocacy effort is the body of evidence that is created to support a policy position or initiative. Over at least the last two Presidential Administrations, there has been growing emphasis on ensuring that governmental funding is spent on policies and programs that have evidence of effectiveness.
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Communications Practice

Communication for the purpose of advocacy takes many forms. Press releases, testimony, talking points, speeches, meetings, and "calls to action" are all methods used to promote policy positions and persuade others to look at the world differently.
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