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Research Practice

An essential element of any advocacy effort is the body of evidence that is created to support a policy position or initiative. Over at least the last two Presidential Administrations, there has been growing emphasis on ensuring that governmental funding is spent on policies and programs that have evidence of effectiveness.

For example, the creation of the What Works Clearinghouse was a Bush Administration initiative designed to help school districts and other state and local government agencies make more informed funding decisions by critiquing the evidence for specific curricula and social interventions. Similarly, early in the Obama Administration Peter Orszag, then Director of the Office of Management and Budget, issued a memorandum to agency heads that included a request for “evidentiary support for budget priorities”.

The Policy Equity Group specializes in building evidence for policies, practices, curricula, and other social interventions. Whether it is using existing research to develop an argument for a new policy or program; creating an evaluation plan for a new initiative that is seen as credible by the field; or conducting a random-assignment experiment to demonstrate the impact of a curricula or program, we help our clients build a body of evidence to support their efforts.

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